Tsunacon 2012

Tsunacon 2012. It's the third time they've organised this convention and it's getting bigger and bigger every time it's held. This year instead of using their usual location the "Lokhorst", they've upped the ante and moved to a much larger convention center at the "Erasmus" university in Rotterdam.
The larger dealerroom was one of the biggest improvements this convention has had and the visitors/dealers seemed very happy with this change. The dealer room is one of the main attractions of a convention and this part was planned exceptionally well. It only took minutes for the room to be literally swarmed with convention guests looking for the latest and greatest in anime/manga and miscellaneous Japanese merchandise.
Next up is the event room. Closest location to the dealer room which was also quite large. Unfortunately it did not have a lot of traffic and most people hung around the dealer room and on the second floor. It was one of the less visited rooms at Tsunacon 2012 even so there was still a lot to do. This year we also had our photo booth located in this room and we've seen quite a few of you guys visit us. We had a blast taking your pictures and we hope you all also had a great time posing for these.
If we have to be picky it's going to be that getting food was a huge hassle. We heard a lot of people complain about the enormous waiting line at the cafeteria upstairs. We ourselves had to wait for about 40 minutes in order to grab a bite to eat. Maybe something to improve on for Tsunacon 2013. There also was quite a bit of confusion regarding the location and time of the planned photoshoots and when specific events were going to take place. But that's probably to be expected seeing the enormous growth this convention has had over such a short period of time. These minor things will undoubtedly get smoothed out for Tsunacon 2013.

All in all it was a very fun convention to be at. That's also the consensus of most people we personally had spoken to. Only a few things that could be and most likely will be improved upon. Undoubtedly next year will be even better and we can't wait for that day to come! See you all at the next convention and of course at Tsunacon 2013!