Anime 2012 Apocalypse Cow presents m.o.v.e.

During the Tsunacon 2012 convention the J-pop foundation officially announced this years Japanese performer. In the past we already seen the awesome performer HITT and Aural vampire take their place on the main stage of Animecon. This year however they are bringing in an better known group.


M.O.V.E. is best known for their unique style in which they have blended rock, rap, electronica, metal and many other genres into their music. Move is also well-known for their contributions to the opening and closing theme songs for the Initial D series. These include "Around the World", "Rage your Dream", "Break In2 the Nite", "Blazin' Beat", "Gamble Rumble", "Dogfight" and many many more!.

Next to all these well known hits they also scored the opening theme for the anime series Ikki Tousen with their song "Drivin' Through the Night" as well as the ending theme for the anime Final Fantasy: Unlimited, "Romancing Train", and the ending credits for Koei's Dynasty Warriors 2 video game "Can't Quit This!!!! Knock'em Out."

We are very excited that the Jpop foundation has managed to get such a great band to come to Animecon 2012. We hope to see you there!
Official site at electropica.com