Studio Ghibli has announced its voice cast for its new feature film “Kokurikoz

The movie is the second film directed by Miyazaki Hayao’s son Goro, who debuted with “Gedo Senki” (“Tales from Earthsea”). As reported last year, the movie is adapted from a shoujo manga of the same name by Takahashi Chizuru and Sayama Tetsuro. The story takes place in 1963 Yokohama, where the Komatsuzaki family runs an old lodging house. Nagasawa will voice Komatsuzaki Umi, the family’s daughter. The film revolves around her everyday life at high school, particularly with another student named Kazama Shun (played by Okada), in whom she takes an interest.
Other characters are being voiced by Fubuki Jun (58), Takeshita Keiko (57), Naito Takashi (55), Kagawa Teruyuki (45), Ishida Yuriko (41), Omori Nao (39), and Kazama Shunsuke (27).