NoZLan is coming to Atsusacon!

I've never heard of Atsusacon!?

Well that's correct! This is the first edition of Atsusacon and we're going to be there taking pictures!

So what exactly is Atsusacon?

Atsusacon is a summer convention revolving around Japan and its culture. The name Atsusacon is derived from the words "Atsusa" and of course "Convention".
The word Atsusa is a word in japanese known as a "kigo". A kigo is a word or phrase associated with a particular season used in Japanese poetry. Atsusa means hot/heat (literally hotness) and is used in summer haiku.
Where is Atsusacon?

Atsusacom will be held at the Antwerp Expo. The Antwerp Expo is located at the intersection of the prestigious Avenue "Van Rijswijck" and the Antwerp ring road. The Antwerp Expo is located within the city yet very close to the motorway: a unique combination.
Activities at Atsusacon.

Atsusacon has a lot to offer in regards to activities. You can stare all day at the various manga and anime that is for sale at the dealer booths or if you are a more active person you can try out a new sport. The sports are taken care of by the three sports clubs you can find below.

Besides these artists, dealers and clubs the following is also available:

A cosplay competition
A games room
Traditional games
Anime projections
A quiz about Japanese (pop) culture
Traditional Japanese activities
DDR setup

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