Microsoft lanches new manga for Windows Azure

Microsoft Japan has lanched one of four new chapters from their new Cloud girl "Mado to Kumo to Aoi Sora" manga. Which litterally translates to "Windows, Clouds and Azure skies" referencing ofcourse the Windows platform, their Cloud platform which is named "Azure". The manga mainly focusses to raise awareness of their new Cloud services among the Japanese public. Microsoft has already posted a preview of the manga in which all their cloud services are personified by their character "Claudia" (who is seen to the right).
In this story Claudia visits a computer parts store at which her cousin Nanami works as a part-time employee. Nanami is ofcourse known as the mascot Microsoft made to promote their Windows 7 operating system. The shop is in trouble because of a promotional campaign on Twitter. Due to overwhelming interest their site goes down due to the vast amount of visitors trying to reach their site. It's up to Claudia to fix their problems, of course pitching that they should switch over to the Azure cloud services by Microsoft.
As you can see the manga really is one big advertisement, but it's fun to read nevertheless. Microsoft has as of yet to announce when it will be releasing the remaining 3 chapters.
Chapter 1 is now online for viewing at microsoft.com japan