The game play of JuBeat consists out of pressing the right button(s) at the correct time. The game was developed in 2007 and released to public in 2008, since then 3 other versions came to the market. Konami also released a American and a European version, but those versions never got released to public. The newest version of JuBeat is JuBueat: ''Knit''. An update for this version will be released in spring 2011 and will be called: '' JuBeat: Knit APPEND''.
more information can be found here As with other Konami games, an e-Amusement card can be used to save statistics and a player ranking, and can also be used to access unlockable songs. Single player and linked multiplayer modes with multiple cabinets are also offered.
So if you find yourself in Japan be sure to play this wonderful machine!

Update: JuBeat is also available as official iPad app. This app is only available in the Japanese iTunes store, you must have a Japanese iTunes account.

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