First Look 2011: Kirby Wii

At First Look 2011 I had the privilege to play Kirby Wii with 2 guys and a lovely booth babe.

Kirby Wii is played on as the name may give away, on the Nintendo Wii. The game goes up to four players and is standard side scrolling Kirby game. The world we got to play in the Demo was the classic first level of many Kirby games before. In witch you had to fight your way trough the world to get to a well know tree, he never stood a chance against Kirby alone so when we attacked all four of us the winners were quickly decided.
The four playable characters are:"Kirby Dedede Meta Knight & Waddle dee"

All I can say about Kirby Wii at this moment is that it's a fun game for family and friends who enjoyed Kirby in their childhood. It brings back a lot of elements from previous Kirby games witch is very entertaining for those who played Kirby before.

You can compare this Kirby with the Superstars for the Snes, but with loads of new powers, level interaction and playable up to FOUR people!