Atsusacon day 2

Day 2 of Atsusacon 2011 has come and gone by and I personally have to say that it was a success! There were a few things that could have gone better on day 1, for example the lack of schedules. This however was addressed on day 2 with the placement of schedules on the walls. Now we all knew where to go and at what time!

We started off with Taiko which was more or less the same as on day 1 but that doesn't mean that it was any less impressive! We'll go into greater detail about the "Tatake!-Taiko" group in a future article.
The second event we've visited was the cosplay competition which was a huge success. The announcer was a hit with the crowd and the cosplay acts were marvelous. The crowd and of course us from nozlan had a great time watching. A event filled with laughter and of course beautiful cosplay!
The events were for the most part the same as the first day. It was a fun weekend and us and all the people we have spoken with seem to have loved it as well. For a new convention it was a success and I am sure there will be a followup convention planned as well!