Atsusacon day 1

The first day of Atsusacon 2011 came and went by at an amazing speed. When we first arrived at the "Antwerp Expo Center" there was already a small group of people eager to go in. Everybody seemed quite happy to visit the newest arrival in the anime convention festival. As we spoke to some of the people in the line none were not quite sure what to expect yet as the information given on the Atsusacon website was a bit limited.
After getting our entry wrist bands and other entry passes we finally were inside. Our first impression of the convention center is that it was fairly small but not immediately too small. There was a decently sized dealer room on the first floor and most events were held on the second floor. Everybody seemed quite happy and it seems like this was starting to become a successful convention.
One of the first things we filmed and shot was the "Taiko" (Japanese traditional drums) demonstration. We've seen this done before in Japan and we'd have to say that this local demonstration too was pretty impressive. We'll follow up on the Taiko demonstration in a followup article in the next few days.
Following up was the Cosplay Competition where we have really seen some amazing things. I personally really enjoyed seeing the "Uchiha Sasuke" part which really surprised me. Also the "Captain Jack Sparrow" part, although not really anime/manga themed, was played out really well. Of course we liked watching the entire show but these 1 were definite highlights for us. The quality of the cosplay costumes was in some cases really really exceptionally good!
The last demonstration we've seen is the Aikido demonstration. It was beautiful to see the exceptional skill presented by the students. Such grace in their falls and beautiful execution of their attacks and retaliations. A wonderful sight.
In conclusion. Day1 of Atsusacon was a nice experience although there was a distinct lack of planning on part of Atsusacon. Most of the volunteers themselves didn't know when there was supposed to be an activity nor where it was suppose to start. This is the only major flaw we've experienced ourselves and most other things we've heard people complain about is mostly because it is a first time convention. There were a lot of people cosplaying but unfortunately it was a little bit less than is usually the case with Anime/Manga conventions. But who knows, maybe day 2 will be filled with even more people cosplaying! See you tomorrow! P.S. Take a look at todays cosplay photos in the Cosplay channel here. !