Abunai! part 1

We've reached the second part on day two here at "Abunai!" and are still enjoying it so far. We have seen a lot of things here ranging from amazing cosplayers to workshops.
The first day of Abunai started out as a rainy day but that soon cleared up and visitors slowly started showing up. We quickly met up with old friends and other people we knew from other cons. After we had settled in our hotel room we went for a walk around the hotel maze! We first spotted the game room which had a fine selection of old retro games, like Tetris and Super Mario 3, and of course newer games. Manga-kissa was at the con as well providing manga to read and a great environment to relax.
On the first evening of the convention the AMV competition was held as well. The AMV’s where looking very good just like every year and we hope to see more quality AMV’s in the future as well.

As the convention went on we tried to take as much pictures of cosplayers as we could. When the con is over be sure to check out our cosplay galleries here on Nozlan.

As the second day started and the fuzz from last night faded the Abunai staff announced that all the tickets were sold out! Meaning this is one of the most successful Abunai conventions in Abunai history.

As the morning ended people started to line up for the cosplay competition. As expected it was one of the most popular events on Abunai. It was of course very busy but the line soon started to shrink and the competition was ready to begin. The competition had nine competing parties which were al evenly impressive.
This is where our update stops for now but we'll be back Monday evening on which time we'll have the pictures available for all of you.