Tsunacon 2014 Rotterdam

A convention sold out two weeks prior to the convention date is expected to have the worst waiting line ever. To my suprise Tsunacon had come up with a ingenius plan to avoid this. A small, red building next to the convention center served as a check-in, which opened an hour before Tsunacon started. A huge group of people had their bracelets before the doors went open, and overal it was one of the smoothest (and warmest) check-ins ever.
It was the third year in a row that Tsunacon was hosted at the Erasmus Expo in Rotterdam, a location capable of holding that many visitors. Just like last year, the options for food and snacks improved again. There were both butlers and maids, the stand on the first floor handed out receipts for a quicker service and you could even get Japanese candy and cotton candy in anime themed bags on the top floor. The big events like the cosplay compo began on time (which is still a bit rare for conventions) and didn't run late! The cosplay compo had a remarkable lot of video game cosplays this year, which was very refreshing. The level of all of the contestants was pretty high, and other than some minor difficulties with the sound, everything went just fine. Wolves of Wakkerdam went great, and there was even time for a second round with new people.
The program was packed with a lot of new game competitions and lectures, including the cosplay planning lecture, the Ask A Pony Panel and the Touhou Hisoutensoku tournament (which was really exciting, but did run pretty late). The dealerroom was filled with lots of different goods, as expected. It seemed that this year a lot more people knew the third floor existed (you could only get there with the elevator or the fire-stairs). I think the program flyer had a lot to do with that. Karaoke was a really nice place to be, as was the Dance Dance Revolution room.
NoZLan upgraded from ground level to the first floor, where we even got our own room! The Hull room, as it was called, was one of the best locations we've ever had, since we started our studio two years ago. With total control of the lamps in the room and even a beamer we could use, the set-up was done in no time. Setting up the Nozu-tan banner took us the most time this year, that's something that rarely happens! We also had a fancy new lamp which looked a bit like an umbrella to me. Also new this year was the two hour spectacular pokémon shoot. Thanks a lot to all of you who showed up for that, the pictures will be made available on the NoZLan Facebook later this week (hopefully), instead of on the site. We're not sure if special events like this will return in the future, but we will keep you updated of new special events. Overal it was another busy day for our photographers and we've seen a lot of great cosplays. Around 1800 pictures will be sorted and uploaded on the server as soon as possible.
Lastly I'd like to show you the video of the cosplay dance cover event, to give you a short impression of Tsunacon.