Tsunacon 2013

Team NoZLan arrived early, as always to set up their studio. Our spot in the events room was a different one from last year. More space and much more in sight, so the visitors could see us and our beautiful Nozu-tan banners. After we figured out how to move the curtains the set-up went smoothly. Just before opening time we ’re ready!

It was time to see if Tsunacon 2013 did live up to our expectations. I will leave you no longer in suspense. Tsunacon was as good as it promised. There was plenty of food, most surprisingly the sandwich stands of the Erasmus Expo on ground level. The balanced mix of old events, like the Cosplay Fashion Show and the AMV compo, and new refreshing things like the cosplay dance competition and the sumo wrestling game.

Just like last year the game and event room were on ground level and connected, which lead to a spatial, clear atmosphere and lots of things to do. You could watch your friends crush each other in sumo fat suits, then go play a match of whatever game you like, including the NES and drop by for a quick picture at our stand. Next to the events room was the incredibly huge and well filled dealer room with once again all the merchandise you could dream of.

The first floor held the asian food court, video dome for the well-known AMV competitions and Anime screenings. Guess the Anime was also played there. Also located on the first floor were the Manga School, JCES Kinjin's evil games and three workshop and/or lecture rooms with various things to do. Reaching from a lecture about the Japanese society to card game workshops.

The second floor held two more video rooms, which were ironically both used for other purposes. Lectures about fashion and wigs were given in one, entertainment was provided in the other. Golden oldie cosplay fashion show and exciting newcomer cosplay dance competitions took place here as well as the opening ceremony and figurine and photo workshops.

Sadly there was no party on the rooftop, but there was a party on the third floor, if you could find it. Karaoke and DDR all day managed to keep everyone jumpy and happy. When tired visitors could take a seat and treat at the Erasmus Expo food court.

Tsunacon 2013 definitely surpassed its predecessor with more food, better use of space and more events. As always the gophers and staff were super nice to the visitors and to us. A little downside was the hard to find third floor and the queue in the morning. On the other hand the queue was nice too, if it weren't for the cold. I myself have been outside for half an hour chatting with the other visitors and handing out flyers, even though I already had an access pass.

for team NoZLan, Tsunacon was also very successful. Lots of you came by for pictures and a chat. Around noon our stand was the most crowded and a challenge to manage. Gladly all went well and will go even better at the next one.

See you at AnimeCon,