Tomocon 2016

A small but fun convention.

Tomocon was a two day anime convention in Berghem. I didn't really go there for the convention itself but more to take pictures of cosplayers, again trying to force myself out of my comfort zone and just go for it but failed.

Something I noticed at Tomocon was that there are more small stands trying to sell hand crafted little things compared to other conventions. Although I can’t really say much about that, because if NoZLan is on a convention I rarely see the dealer room. But it was something that caught my eyes.

On Sunday there was a cosplay catwalk event, it caught my attention and went there to take pictures of the cosplayers. I looked for a nice free spot to stand and aimed my camera at the cosplayers, and just went with the flow. The pictures you will also see online here and here

It was nice seeing all the cosplayers again who know me, and it was nice meeting new cosplayers that didn't hear about NoZLan yet. Hope to see you all again soon again.