Rio Rainbow Gate! gets a full English dub

About three months ago, Media Blasters promised anime fans that Rio - Rainbow Gate! would be getting a full English dub. Today, that promise materialized as the anime finally launched on the Crunchyroll streaming site. The anime in full English has also been released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Sound Cadence Studios and Fever Dreams Sound Factory shared the production of the dub.
Rio: Rainbow Gate! is an anime about Rio Rollins , a popular casino dealer with the ability to bring good luck to gamblers that she walks past. Her ability earned her the nickname, "Goddess of Victory." During Rio's work as a dealer, she meets a young boy named Mint Clark and the two of them become best friends.
However, Rio's life turned when it was revealed to her later on that she holds a "legendary card," which gives the holder good luck. According to legend, the person who acquires all legendary 13 cards will become the "Most Valuable Casino Dealer," which can bring great fortune to people. In order to collect all 13 cards, Rio must participate in special casino matches against other legendary card holders and obtain their cards by defeating them.

Casinos are rarely used as a theme in anime but the genre is now making huge waves given the fact that Japan's parliament is pushing for the legalization of casinos in the country. Once casinos become legal in Japan, animes like Rio: Rainbow Gate will no doubt garner a huge following and benefit from the trending news.

Today, some slot machine hosts are integrating anime themed designs in their games in anticipation of Japan’s casino legalization. Popular game developer Konami recently launched a slot gaming app for Android that uses a lot of anime-themed games such as Dragon's Law. On the other hand, Pay-to-play gaming site Pocket Fruit launched the game called Koi Princess Fortune as a nod to anime’s popularity as well as a slew of other gaming-themed designs to tap into the popularity of anime. Many other gaming companies have followed suit in anticipation of the law being passed in Japan.

Rio first appeared as a character on the Super Black Jack pachinko game. Her character was based on the designs of Tecmo’s popular fighting game Dead or Alive. Apart from her anime, Rio has several games including Rio Carnival, Rio 2 Cruising Vanadis, and Rio Paradise

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