Nishicon 2013

Upon my arrival I had great difficulties finding the way to my fellow team NoZLan, however a kind gopher at the game room helped me figured out they were in the dealer room and showed me the way. After I found out the convention booklet also had a map –I kind of overlooked it at first, silly me- I found my way around the convention site quite quickly. The small hallways seem to be confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it they are quite cozy if you ask me. All the lobbies between hallways gave the whole location a homelike feel.
A big plus was definitely food being available at the convention itself and being able to pay for it in both cash and with debit cards. Kudos to one of the party centre’s staff member for helping me bring our food over all the way to the rest of NoZLan in the dealer room! The food court was all around the karaoke stage, which is a good place to relax, have some food and listen to fellow visitors who are giving it their best at their favorite songs. My only complaint here would be the limited options of food, the Japanese card was pretty varied, but the Dutch kitchen was a lot of fat and fast food.
Nishicon was packed with events this year. Golden oldies like the AMV competition and of course Nishicon’s own Cosplay Dating show. Sadly the Cosplay Competition and one of the DDR competition fell through, but this was solved with another very funny cosplay dating show. But the main event this year was a visit from Miku UK. All tickets were sold out and it was very promising. Yet from what I’ve heard the room was more than crowded and there were quite some guests who couldn’t see more than an ahoge of Miku. But even these people told me the sound quality was top notch. Miku wasn’t alone on stage, the popular Luka also made an appearance. A little tip for next time; Start on time with events like this, waiting for over 40 minutes on top of the line is not a good experience.
The Pokémon XY tournament was really exciting this time and was won with help of a ferrothorn. Kinjin’s Jan Ken Pon was more badass than ever. The Sunday winner injured his ear in an epic three-way finale, but he refused to quit, which eventually led him to the victory. But did you know NoZLan had its first own mini competition too? At Sunday, in a spur of the moment, we created the Snicker Challenge. Competitors get one Snicker bar each, at the start sign they have to put the whole bar in their mouth…horizontally! Only then can they start chewing, whoever finishes first wins the game! We handed out some of our exclusive Nozu-tan posters as prizes and of course we filmed all of it! The footage will be online soon. Our mini-competition and not to forget, all of you stopping by for a chat or a picture made the dealer room one of the most fun locations to be during the weekend! Not once, except during the break, was laughter missing from our booth. We’d like to thank you all for that! After we packed our stuff at Sunday, we went out dining with the crew. I got to pick the restaurant and I chose pancakes. They were really good, and during our meal we’ve discussed interesting new options for NoZLan. There might or might not be more mini-competitions in the future. We’d love to bring back the Snicker challenge as a three day tournament and we were thinking of a photo competition. Exciting new things to come in the future, although it might be still some months away. Don’t be afraid to contact us if you’ve got an idea of fun things to do at our booth. And in the near future, look out to our photos and the Snicker video, which will both be available at the site soon.

See you at Tsunacon in Rotterdam!