Dutch Comic Con 2016

I was at Dutch Comic Con walking around with our other NoZLan colleague Mandy Timmermans and we took some pictures at DCC 2016.

It was something out of our comfort zone but we got a try it at least, and I wanted to try out our new NoZLan Portrait lens. I didn't go there for the con itself but more for the cosplayers.
When I arrived on Saturday there was an very long line of people trying to get inside the convention and I arrived a hour later. It was amazing how many people went there to Dutch Comic Con. I saw, allot of star wars, the old dukes of hazard car, ghost busters, even Bumble Bee from the transformers. Fortunately I was in time to take some pictures from the cosplay show. (there are pictures on the website to so check them out here )

Sunday it was a more quiet, easy to walk around and take some picture, Although I got distracted way to many times by too many cosplayers around me so it was difficult to ask some people for pictures. Either that or people were tired of the photographers so I left most alone. But thanks to everyone who wanted to stand in front of the camera so I could take those pictures. See you all next time

Ashwin Wijss