Abunai! 2013: Darkness Rising

Summer's over but Abunai! 2013 is still fresh on my mind. From 23rd till the 25th of August De Koningshof was once more the location of Abunai!con. Because it is 2013 the theme was "Darkness Rising" and was pulled off very well this year. When team NoZLan arrived early to set up the studio for you guys the place was already decorated with lovely bats and cats. I'd swear I even saw a ghost floating down the hallway. Funny though, because I saw the same ghost in the Darkness Rising movie, made especialy for the 11th edition of Abunai. The movie featured four well known gophers or people otherwise involved with Stichting Abunai! checking out the hotel venue for this years events. It went well until they encountered a ghost girl and a fox youkai. The acting was spot-on and this was without a doubt the best Abunai! movie ever made. For those interested watch the teaser below. New as well was the actual native English speaker who hosted the opening ceremony, he had quite a way with words as well. And to complete the intro Kaya came to say hi with her translator and promised us a good concert and a never before worn outfit.
Saturday began with getting up early. Sven said it would be very busy. He was right. Never was there not a waiting line. Here I'd like to thank all you guys for waiting in line and chatting with me. I had a blast. Our photographers took more than twice as much pictures compared to friday. It was hot, we were exhausted, my throat was sore from all the chatting and promoting but it was worth it! Besides our photobooth there was a lot more to do. Like the maid and butler café, which also held a part of our photobooth. This was to be the day of the cosplay act compo and the evening of Kaya and Deshima! Kaya I had to miss, sadly, but you told me she was great. Deshima was amazing. It was also really crowded at the new Mangakissa werewolves, which deservers to be mentioned. A lot of you decided to go to the metro bar event under the hotel, where a real haunted house was set up. At one point there was a queque of two hours. People who were a little tired due to the various martial arts workshops could come by for a laugh at the Your Anime Sucks event.
Sunday was busier then Friday for us, and for most of you. Even on the last day you could do a lot. More themed scavenger hunts, dango and sushi workshops. For the gamers various competitions were held. A ghost or two passed by. The AMV compo was saved for Sunday and kind of the main event for that day. Abunai! even had a feedback panel were you could praise them and offer merchandise to the staff. It ended, as expected, with the ending ceremony. But it wasn't over for us. We worked hard even after Abunai! was over and ended up staying at the Koningshof till 7 o'clock. We had the Abunai! arranged dinner which was very tasty. Afterwards our paths split, but the story wasn't over. It was still up to me to write this article and it is still up to Sven to manually perfect and upload the 4500 photos. But no worries, he's working very hard right now. The pictures will be up in no time and before you know it we will see you at Nishicon, of which I can inform you we are confirmed, yay!

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