Abunai! 2012 day 2

Saturday the incredible journey through the neighbourhoods of Japan and through time continued.It was the day of the karaoke compo, lots of panels, workshops and of course Deshima Sounds and Kazha. And then we haven't even mentioned the various other competitions and fun stuff to do like the snack tasting, matsuri and youkai games.
Saturday is always the longest, most exciting and busiest day of Abunai! and we knew it. NoZLan took over 2000 pictures today and at some point we even had a serious waiting line. It was an honour taking pictures of your pretty cosplays. Of course there was a lot more to do on the saturday then just getting your picture taken. The saturday kicked off early with Wake Up Martial arts provided by the Bujinkan Dojo from Eindhoven. If you weren't a sports person, but still an early bird there were also two panels to join and two workshops to try.
Later there was a girl only Tetris compo with some serious gamer girls. If the person who decided videogames are for boys wasn't proven wrong yet, he is now! No fear, there were also enough game compo's where you guys could join, including Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Tekken. The musical talents between us got a chance to raise their voices in the karaoke compo and the more active, or should I say aggressive, conventions bugs could hit their heart out in the second Evil JanKen-Pon competition. Also two of the three DDR competitions were held today, light and medium. Congratiulations to all the winners!
Visitors had access to the richly filled dealer room today as well, with over 60 dealers and stands. I bet you've seen those fancy moving necomimi, reacting on brains waves, even those were buyable in the dealerroom. For a fee of ยค5,- visitors could attent the Kazha concert. Except for being good musicians Kazha was also very fan-friendly and shared some drinks with a lucky few of you. The real daredevils could test themselves in the silent library and Manga Kissa's Journey of courage. Bad Anime Beatdown and Your Anime Sucks! delivered laughs to the less brave.
To end this busy, amazing, hilarious and awesome second day of Abunai! Deshima Sounds returned again. It was a blast. Rumours go fairy tail took it over at a moment. More rumours state that fairy tale cosplayers were getting abducted for the Liar game, which was way more popular then expected. Over 90 people filled the 45 place available, so it was chaotic yet fun. That wraps up the second day of a truely incredible journey.