Abunai! 2012 day 1

The arrival of the NoZLan crew went pretty well. We had everything settled even before the desired time. Luckily this time we knew our ways in the Koningshof and the other visitors seemed to do so too. Shortly after the opening ceremony, supported by Kahza, the cosplayers started to appear at our stand. We took over 500 pictures of you guys and the prints sold pretty well too.
Beside our photo booth there were, of course, lots of other things to do at Abunai! The incredible journey. Visitors were sent on a quest for photos or they could attent workshops ranging from Calligraphy till Origami. Throughout the evening you could entertain yourselves with karaoke and parapara to get in the mood for the anime disco later that night. As expected the stars of the evening appeared at the EuroCos and the cosplay fashion show. The costumes shown there were truly marvelous.
Late night there was the disco and many of you disappeared in the Abdijbar and never returned. No, the last part isn't completely true, but the rumour goes it was a really enjoyable evening there. The youkai 16+ game completed the evening. All together it was a great start for this 10th anniversary edition of Abunai!